Worship Services

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8am Service

Join for an uplifting 1 hour traditional service, with mainly traditional hymns but plenty of opportunity to participate. The service is led by 2 people, one of the ministry team and a layperson. The liturgy will include volunteers providing welcome, prayers of the people and Bible readings. Communion is celebrated once per month.

There is always time for silent reflection and visitors are warmly welcomed. Morning tea always follows.

Find out more about our 8am Service HERE

9:30am Families Service

It’s a busy time as the 8.00 attendees are leaving but our 9.30 service is just starting with all ages welcome. Yes children are well catered for, with KUCA (Sunday school) operating in school terms from toddlers up. A play area is available in the church, a family room with viewing glass is adjacent, and a special children’s talk is often the highlight of the service. A message is given by one of our ministry team.

Music is mostly modern and informal but we try all styles due to the wide diversity of attendees. Many older folk prefer this service with the later starting time. It’s a friendly place to be and you will receive a warm welcome.

Find out more about our 9:30am Service HERE

6:45 Service

This service is very informal and run by the various families who participate. Always plenty of discussion, some modern music and a great message by one of the ministry team. Social media is used to plan and communicate information about the services. Supper always follows.

Find out more about our 6:45pm Service HERE

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