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Watch this space!

St Matthew's is currently recruiting a new minister and will have an exciting announcement in the coming weeks. In the interim, any matters for the attention of the minister, please contact the church office.

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Daniel Gibb

Children’s, Youth and Young Adults Ministry Worker

Within this role Daniel co-ordinates and supports the ministries involving children, youth and young adults within St Matthew’s, his role involves the following areas:

- Youth

- Young Adults

- Families

- Children

- Worship

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Mike Strong

Pastoral Carer for Seniors

Some of the things I do are:

1. Visit people

a. At home when invited in

b. At home at the door when people are more comfortable with this sort of personal interaction

c. In retirement facilities

d. in hospitals and/or rehab centres when this is possible

e. By phone, particularly during times of Covid lockdowns

2. When visiting I endeavour to engage people in their journey through life. This can be events in the recent or distant past. We even try to glimpse into the future.

3. Link with families in the event of a death. This may also involve participation in the funeral (thanksgiving) service. I also follow up with families after the funeral for a while.

4. Following Communion Services at St Matthews’ I take communion to interested people who are not able to attend physically at St Matthews’ Church. Sometimes this is 1:1 and sometimes I have a number of people gather together for the opportunity.

5. I participate occasionally in combined worship held in Retirement Villages. This is by invitation from an organizer at the village.

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