Small Groups

0000-Core-Small GroupsThere are numerous small groups making up St Matthew’s

  • Families [Children] (KUCA, Play Groups),
  • Youth & Young Adults (Emerge, Alive, Friday Night Light, Thrive),
  • Seniors (Coffee & Discovery),
  • Special Needs (Teen Plus),
  • Caring Ministry (Pastoral Care),
  • Engaging with the Community (Computer program, Outreach program, Dance Fitness),
  • Bible Studies (St. Matthews has a wide variety of Bible Studies available for a cross-section of ages which helps to deepen the faith of those who attend. Please contact the office for further details)
  • Meditation (Did you know that meditation is part of an ancient Christian tradition?)

“Meditation is a universal wisdom found in all spiritual traditions” Laurence Freemena OSB, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).

What the mystics have known for thousands of years the scientists are now discovering – that mediation is good for us. It unites our inner and outer worlds, and makes us whole. A Benedictine monk, Father John Main (1926 – 1982) recovereed from the early desert fathers this ancient prayer tradition for contemporary men and women. Today there are over 1,200 Christian meditations groups around the globe. In Australia we are known as the Australian Christian Meditation Community (ACMC).

At St. Matthew’s, there are several meditation groups. Refer to the publications for details.

  • Men’s & Women’s Ministry (Men’s Morning Tea, Men’s Breakfast, Women’s Fellowship, Book Club, book chats, Katoomba Convention, In Stitches),
  • Post Links,
  • Sporting Clubs (Dance Fitness, Netball, Cricket, Soccer)