Men’s Ministries

At St. Matthew’s we endeavour to engage with men to support, encourage and build faith in following our Lord Jesus Christ.

Men’s Breakfast

0000-Core-Mens Breakfast

  • Gives men a chance to meet for fellowship and encouragement from other men’s stories and achievements.

Men’s Katoomba Convention “Basecamp”


  •  To provide an opportunity to join in a group from St. Matthew’s to attend the convention on a Friday evening and on Saturday. Joining with other men from New South Wales and beyond to learn from God’s Word to help lead men in their Christian journey, and PRAISE HIM in song along with 2,000 other voices AWESOME!!!
  • A group from St. Matthew’s will attend the 2015 convention on 8th August.
  • Mens’ Katoomba Convention is now called “Basecamp”. “For Basecamp this year there will still be two weekends. On Friday 31st July and Sat. 1st August will be the normal routine at the Katoomba Conference Centre. A CHILLY experience!! Then the city conference on 8th August. The changes were made due to the difficulty in getting speakers for 2 or 3 weekends in a row and some men finding overnight stay difficult. It has been pretty much the same routine at Katoomba for 15 years now ….. time for a change.

Men’s Morning Tea

  • Provides an opportunity for men to gather together socially midweek, at 10am on the third Wednesday of the month, in an informal setting. Men are encouraged to share interests, hobbies and experiences or come along for friendship and fellowship.

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