Our Families with Children Ministry exists to support the role of the family in helping young people learn about God and to encourage those facing the challenge of raising a young family in our Church.

0000-Core-FamiliesOur Sunday School Program (KUCA) runs most Sunday mornings throughout term, and with the excellent work of our teachers, the message of Jesus and the Gospel is presented in an engaging and exciting way to our young children.

The young families have also shown the initiative to organise social events once a month. These are on Sundays after church, at a local park, where they are able to experience community with those in a similar life stage.


Annual events can include:

  • In March, we experience a stay-over KUCA campout with the other Uniting Church Sunday schools in the Sydney region.
  • We run a 2-day School Holiday Program for primary-school aged children in the school holidays once a year. They are an exciting time of adventure and exploration of what God has done for us, in an engaging child-friendly program.