Op Shop/Garage Sales

The Op Shop is now open

Op Shop!

The Op Shop is open again and will operate every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (except for our Christmas break, mid December to mid January) between the hours 9am-2pm.
We sell a good range of pre-loved clothing at low prices. You will find menswear, ladies wear and children’s clothing all neatly arranged in sizes.
We also sell manchester, clothing accessories, craft items, jewellery, books and a range of bric-a-brac, including collectables.
You never know what you may find as different items are donated to us all the time, so come and meet the team of friendly volunteers and enjoy browsing our ‘mini department store’!

 Also our Garage Sales

Garage Sales are normally held several times a year and many men and women from St. Matthew’s join together to prepare donated goods and set up for the sale on a Saturday which brings many people from the wider community. However due to Covid-19 our garage sales are on hold until further notice.  The funds raised are used to further the mission objectives of St. Matthew’s.