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The Caring ministry at St Matthew’s, supports the needs of people in key life stages.






0000-Core-Caring 4St. Matthew’s continues the ministry and mission of Jesus through various direct and organized ministries.  These include: prayer ministry, meals ministry, care for carers (disability), transport ministry, card ministry, and visiting the sick, the aged and the lonely.   We also care for the homeless, the needy, and the less fortunate in conjunction with Parramatta Mission and other service agencies.


Engage with the Wider Community:

0000-Core-Caring 3St. Matthew’s is committed to engage in activities that will uplift the lives of people in the wider community.   We have special ministries for asylum seekers, skills development programmes for seniors (Computer Classes), and social activities like sports and a BBQ in the park.


Pastoral Care Team:

0000-Core-Caring 2The Pastoral Caring Team seeks to design, develop and coordinate the various pastoral care services at St Matthew’s.   Our Pastoral Caring Team has been commissioned to provide a safe and caring environment that fosters respect for others and encourages the development of positive changes among St. Matthews’s community members and in the wider community.