Ministry Team

Meet the Team.

Dirk van Doorene – Minister of the Word

0000-Core-DirkDirk has been in placement at St Matthew’s since December 2011.  His primary responsibilities are leading the congregation in worship, supporting the ministry team, developing and implementing mission strategy with volunteers and facilitating pastoral care.   His previous placement was as a school Chaplain.






Daniel Gibb – Children’s, Youth and Young Adults Ministry Worker

Daniel has been worshiping at St Matthew’s for approximately 17 years and is now employed in the position of Children, Youth and Young Adults Ministry Worker in which he co-ordinates and supports the ministries involving children, youth and young adults within St Matthew’s. Daniel has a passion for children and youth and encouraging them to discover the love and grace of God.





Michael Strong – Seniors Pastoral Carer

“There is no mountain big enough for seniors”.  Mike Strong brings to the role of Seniors Pastoral Carer a background on Lifeline phones and recent training in Pastoral Counselling. Now that he has reached the 75th year himself he can identify with seniors personally. Seniors bring wisdom to others that is greatly valued. This wisdom generates caring that he wants to tap into.





Lesley Carter – Pastoral Carer 30s, 40s and 50s

Recently I began a new chapter in my life when I accepted the role of Pastoral Carer at St. Matthew’s.

I am greatly excited by this opportunity and I look forward to contributing to the Pastoral Ministry of St. Matthew’s and getting to know you all in due time.

After coming from a childcare background for the last 18 years and currently studying Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy I thank you all in advance for your kindness, patience and prayers as I find my feet.

I reside in Quakers Hill with my husband Jeff of 33 years. We have 2 grown children, 3 grandchildren….. number 4 is on the way.

I look forward greatly in sharing God’s great adventures together.
God bless.

Ps. I love Disney, art and Jazz music.


Shamali Perera – Pastoral Carer 60s and 70s

My name is Shamali Perera recently appointed as Pastoral Carer to the St. Matthew’s Ministry Team. I live down Watkins Road and used to attend St. Matthew’s with my family many years ago.

After working in health IT for several years, I decided to quit my job and follow God’s calling on my life. I always desired to service God, to be his hands and feet, but the timing wasn’t right, bringing up three boys was a full time job. However they are now grown up with children of their own, which has released me to follow my passion.

In October last year I enrolled in a Diploma in Chaplaincy, and travelled to Israel on a spiritual journey. While in the Holy land, I committed my life to serving God and trusting him alone for the next phase in my life.

I believe the St. Matthew’s opening is God ordained, and I’m blessed and privileged to be part of the Ministry team. I come as a woman who loves Christ, is a wife of 38 years, a mother to three boys and grandmother to four grandchildren.

I look forward to getting to know you, to build a relationship with you and belong to the St. Matthew’s family.
God Bless.

Church Office Secretaries:

0000-Core-Robyn and LynRobyn Morrall and Lynn Samuel serve as the office staff, and may be your first point of contact. They facilitate much of the communications with the Ministry Team.