Website Update

Well here we go, with the launch of the new St Matthew’s website.

As the leader of the Uplift_20 Communications Team, I would like to thank the members of the team being Allan Garbutt, Noni Metcalfe, David Neideck, Helen Olley, Mike Strong, Mike Underwood and Ben Willars for their efforts, as well as all contributors including the Ministry Team.

Also thanks to Ming La, who has been maintaining the old website, whilst all this activity was undertaken on the new one.

The new website is ready. The publications that you are used to getting from the old website, can now be found in the Latest News (Blog) area. And watch out for POST’s from Dirk, Chris, Rahna & Robyn/Lynn….

You may also see we have activated a Comments capability, so that anyone can enter a comment on a POST. Please note that due to SPAM, Comments must be approved (by selected team members) before they become visible to website visitors.

Remember to update your web browser favourites and email addresses for the Ministry Team / Office.

Phil Bunn