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Monthly In Focus July 2015

WEB In Focus July 2015

Newsletter 28 June 2015

WEB newsletter 28-06-15

Monthly In Focus February 2015

WEB In Focus February 2015

Seeing through different glasses

 Chris Eagles and Daniel Gibb give a children’s message using 3 painted eggs. OK so why don’t the red eggs, the black eggs and the yellow eggs really want to be here, when in fact, all eggs are the same

Youth band night at St Matthews

Crazy Old Maurice, a 3 piece band from Newcastle , headlined a great youth night at St Matthews attended by 70 youth and leaders from several churches in our Presbytery. The other bands performing were Hunting Eden and Cardinal featuring

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Great Australia Day service 9.00 27/1

An excellent 9.00 service yesterday for Australia Day 2014 combined with the baptism of Aleaha Perrett.  

Website Update

Well here we go, with the launch of the new St Matthew’s website. As the leader of the Uplift_20 Communications Team, I would like to thank the members of the team being Allan Garbutt, Noni Metcalfe, David Neideck, Helen Olley,

Newsletter for 8th September 2013

WEB newsletter 08-09-13

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